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june 20, 2021

5 pm to dusk

Presented by
Citizen's State Bank


Mariachi San Jose- presented by Ouray county performing arts guild

(D-J) Calvin

Stillhouse Junkies presented by citizen's state bank

donny morales presented by Colorado Boy Brewery/Depot

doug & heather presented by citizen's state bank

riverstone jazz (yaz ishikawa)

Lanae Pierce

Stefan Davenport

Pang & Paul Cooper

Jyoti Jacobs

Josh Kinne & Brian Scranton

The Canyoneros

Sawyer Firkins presented by Full Tilt Saloon

alive in the woods

Sweet T and Lady V

valley youth orchestra members

A Graphic Flower

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fete de la musique is a day to celebrate music on the solstice. live music will be offered by local and regional musicians from all genres throughout town, for free (tips encouaraged).


Fete De La Musique is presented by Weehawken Creative Arts, Sherbino and Citizen's State Bank with support from Colorado Boy Pub & Brewery, Ouray County Performing Arts Guild, San Miguel Power Association and Full Tilt Saloon!

June 20th is summer solstice, which happens to coincide with World Music Day (the 21st).  On Music Day the citizens of a community are allowed and urged to play and enjoy music outside in their neighborhoods or in public spaces and parks. Our plan is for MANY musicians from all genres and levels to participate in this event.  The event will be FREE to the public and will take place distanced and outdoors, with multiple performances happening at once all over town.  The public will be encouraged to bring cash to tip the artists and artists will also be given an honorarium.

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