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Map & Schedule

This event begins at 4 pm on June 25, 2023 with msuic from Peach Street Revival- with musicians about town starting at 4:15pm- and will end in the Ridgway Hartwell Town Park with music from Tiffany Christopher beginning around 8 pm.

Attendees are encouraged to park in town and walk between the numerous musical acts. Tips are encouraged!

New This Year: We will have the streets closed to traffic for pedestrian safety, a liquor license that encompasses the public spaces with three beer/wine/cocktail/NA beverage tents across the event- AND multiple food trucks as well!!

Musician Schedule

Peach Street Revival    
4:00-5:15    Town Park Stage

Coral Skye
4:15-5:15    Rootwings balcony

4:15-5:15    Kate's Place Courtyard

Yaz Ishikawa
4:15-5:15    Billings Artworks (609 Clinton St)

Karen Mercer & Friends    
4:15-5:15    Courtyard at 610

David Nunn    
4:30-5:30    Trace Gallery

The Duo    
4:30-5:30    485 N Cora St

Stefan Davenport    
4:30-5:30    330 N Cora

Alex Birck    
4:45-5:00    Voyager (280 N Cora St)

Mariachi San Jose    
5:15-6:15    Sherbino Theater

Ninah Hunter  
6:00-6:45    485 N Cora St

Roma Ransom 
6:00-7:00    Town park stage

Contact High   
6:00-7:00    330 N Cora

Ashley Edwards    
6:15-7:15    Rootwings balcony

Old Man Polly    
6:15-7:15    Space to Create 

Chai Colorado   
6:15-7:15    Voyager (280 N Cora St)

Donny Morales    
6:15-7:30    Colorado Boy

Two Tenors    
6:30-7:30    Billings Artworks (609 Clinton St)

Doug & Heather    
6:45-7:45    Kate's Place Courtyard

Sweet T and Lady V    
6:45-7:45    Courtyard at 610

Kipori Woods    
7:00-8:00    Trace Gallery

Two Cents and Change    
7:00-8:00    485 N Cora St

DJ Pat Light and WCA Aerialists  
7:00-8:00    Ridgway Town Park (southeast side)

Tiffany Christopher    
8:00-9:30    Town Park stage

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